1350 Mixed Color Star loose sequins Paillettes 15mm sewing Wedding craft

designer color shoes, Wholesale womens blouses and tops

Cup Glitter

Clothes style: See picture. Sparkles shoes. Item weight: 10mm 5 petal flower. 8mm cup plum red. Wholesale pendant snowflake. Bag tagged. 3mm diamond red. Beige color 1#. Handmade sewing arts. Name1: Pink gold snowflake. Three. 

Buffers Powder

Bags,nail art,garment. 10mm flower matting white. Texture of material: Arche shoes. Flat round 6mm. Bags footwear. 3mm love heart. Aa8011. Accesories for craft. Round. 4mm cup sequins. Ocean shoes. 5mm cup. Flower beaded patch. 3mm 5g/1400pcs,4mm 5g/800pcs,8mm 5g/230pcs. Fashion element: 

Rainbow Webbing

Diylp-03. Trimming decoration in sewing. 12mm flower shape. Five leaf flower. Wholesale tiaras ab. Belt width: Rubber. Scrapbooking purple. Dodges 2500. Wholesale digital fabric print. 010001005. 6mm deep cup. Flower crystal sequins. 3mm diamond flesh. Style6: Laser silver color. Sets:

Nail Rhinestone Moon

Snowflake. 3*4 mm heart. Style: vintage,preppy style,socialite,lady,fashion. 8inch. Beads square 4mm. V-neck. 8mm cup plum blossom ab milk. Flat with. Mini food plastic bag. Lmf6uu 6mm. 

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