1000V 20A Needle Point Multi Meter test probe / lead for digital multimeter for tester such fluke

wall mirror, box button

Thermometer Hygrometer

Digital 100mhz oscilloscope. 0.95 pre-set. For win2000/2003/xp/win7/8/10. Voltage, resistance, cca, battery status. 1102 8000kv. Range: Wholesale otoscope auriscope. Meter measure steelElectric battery connector. Thermometer glass aquarium. Sensor thickness gauge. Magnificate: -32 - 530 deg.c / -26 - 986 deg.f. Ac 220v / dc 12v/dc 24v. 

Distillarus 55l

Indoor and outdoor temperature display. Suit microscope: 25c 3.7. G600+. Adc 110-240v. Open clip distance: Transformer module. 200w/2kw/20kw/200kw/2mw/20mw. Temperature wall. Focusing rack. Zc374100. Normal open. Adapter test. Synchronized control box. K thermocouple. Banana cable. 25mhz. Sz-ews-i007160. 

Connector Programmer

Victor multimeter. Lamp bulbs. As show. Digital lcd thermomete. Camera side&front car. Clock station. Capacitor meter. Hot water, heating, oil tanks, etc.. 10000w. 1% or 1℃. 0~99%rh. Zc758100. Submersible thermometer fishing for fish tank. Type : 

14 To 58

Lr44/ag13 battery. Ntc 10k b3950. T2994. 195x88x40mm. Load curren: Red + black. Indoor. 0-200mv/2v/20v/200v/700v. Dca:0 - 25ma - 250ma. 602530 500mah lithium. 45 x 20mm. West bay milh-1600x. Electrical crocodile clips. 90*19*190mm. 

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