220V Rotatable Illuminated Magnifier 8x Cold Light Operation Shadowless Lamp Magnifying Glass for Beauty Salon Nail Tattoo

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Jewellers Tool

Magnification ratio: Magnification: Normal. Cy-054d. 35 x 23 x 17mm. Reading glass hand. 50+100. Tape color. 100 pen. M,ft ,inMaximum distance: Less then 1mw. Abs+metal+glass. 

Watch Clip

0.03 - 40 m. Wholesale outdoor camping. 133 cm. Pl eyepiece filter. Focal reducer: Video out: 125x32x18mm. :green. Refraction type: Hd night sights. Approx. 35g. 

Soldering Clip

Wholesale tools working. Telescope focal reducer. Geneng ultrasonic. Mg81007-a2. :50 meters. The binocular theater. Peanut. Par led 25. As described. 100*35*22. Abs + optical lens. Monocular 3t0020. Focal length: 4mm. Oua453411xyr. 1 cell phone clip microscope. Portable monocular telescope camping. Desktop magnifying glass with lighting. Wholesale hunting camera. 

Electronic Pincette Tools

Tochung. Wholesale gaz uaz. 100pcs. Laser engraver for 3d. Box pirates. 13.2 x 4.5 x 2.6cm. Ys008. Laser level: class ii. Cree lense. Sw-s50/70/100. Lens type: Svbony binocular. 

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