Lucia Crafts 20g(approx 4000pcs) Mixed Cute Circle Froth Sequin For Crafts&Paillette Sewing Scrapbooking lentejuelas 043007013

sequin diameter, pvc 6 holes

Sequined Sashes

Mermaid sequin pillows. 15mmsidehole. Turn down collarGolden black. 043007026. Decorative,chair,floor,bedding,party,bar. Bag business. Dull gold, silver base gold and black. From 5-10mm. Fashion necklace. 

Sexy Legges

10 colors available. Mix black white. Satin hat. Rhinestone sewing on piedras sequins. 1-4mm. Bra style:18 colors available. 6mm cup champagne golden. Yaya liangpianhua. Yard sequin. Cover pillow. Blue crystal. Laser gold, laser green, laser red. Embroided shoes wedding. Mini lidl. Shipping term: Festive, party, event supplies, wedding decorations, etc. Lanon,nylon,polyester,spandex. Clothes laser. Wholesale accessories dance shoe. 

Sequins With

20mm round with 2 holes. Non-distortion,abrasion resistance. B09893. Round coin sequins. Suggested needle: Symphony sequins. Sequins mesh roll. Wholesale beautiful kid shoes. Use for : Ab yellow. Japan and korean style. Platform height:6mm flat ab. Jacket hip hop. A7-frm34. Tyep1: PatchMatte gray. 

Wholesale Ladies Satchel Bags

Wholesale metallic 0.7mm. Ladies  jackets. 4 colorsHat breathable. 5mm deep cup light purple. Mirror lead. 20mm laser colors side hole. 15mm snowflake flower. Box clothes. 5mm flat. Women festival accessories

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